Zion Lutheran Church is a member of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America). The ELCA is the largest Lutheran body in the United States and includes congregations from a wide variety of backgrounds. For more information on the ELCA, check out their website at www.elca.org.

Sunday Worship 11:00 AM


Sunday School

10:00 AM


​Sunday School 10:00AM

Not only are youth the future of the church, they are the church today! Check out the exciting things that our youth are involved in as they grow in their faith life.

​​​​Zion Lutheran Church

​Perry, Oklahoma

We are a worship-centered community that gathers together around the cross. For sermons and further information about are worship, please...

​Christ calls us to go out into the world, sharing the love of God to all.  Check out the different ways that you can get involved in our ministries here!


Called into one body in Christ, we are a community of sinners and saints who worship, study, and reach out into the community together. Join with us as we discover together what God is up to here in Oklahoma!



500th Reformation Anniversary


​Bible Study


We are a Bible-centered community in that we strive to study the Bible in a way that connects with our lives in a real and authentic way. For more info...

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